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Urge President Obama to Attend the Earth Summit


  • President Donald J. Trump


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Please Attend the Earth Summit with an Agenda to Protect Our Planet

Dear [Decision Maker],

We are calling on you to attend the 20th Anniversary UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Earth Summit) from June 20th to 22nd in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and to bring a comprehensive action plan for the sake of the health of all Americans, the environment, and people around the world.

The life support systems of the planet that provide us with fresh air, water, and soil are being threatened by pollution and the exploitation of our limited natural resources as at no time in human history. However, we can create green jobs and renew our economy, while protecting our world, by embracing sustainable solutions like clean solar and wind power, green transportation, and green building.

Global Green USA is calling on individuals across the U.S. to help us shine the spotlight on local green heroes with our Citizen Entrepreneur Contest. Individuals active in their community, small businesses, or schools can unleash their own creativity to find new solutions to environmental challenges while improving our neighborhoods, the lives of those in need, and our health.

President Obama, please inspire all citizens with your leadership and attend the Rio Earth Summit to stand with world leaders and commit to action.

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