How to Fundraise for the Bark in the Park 2024 Event

You can raise needed funds for the animals by collecting Bark in the Park donations from family, friends, and coworkers. You can also start a team and get friends, family and coworkers in on the fun. The top team and individual fundraisers receive special prizes and recognition for their efforts.

How do I collect donations?

The best way to collect donations is to register online for Bark in the Park. You'll get a personalized web page with all your Bark in the Park information. Just email the link to your web page to friends and family (or share it on Facebook)—everyone who sees the link is just a click away from making an online donation on your behalf.

You can also download a hard-copy pledge form by clicking here. Collect donations in the form of cash or checks made out to Greenhill Humane Society. Turn in your donations and forms at the Greenhill registration tent the day of the event.

Use your Bark in the Park web page for fundraising (and helping the animals)

Once you register online, you’ll get a Bark in the Park web page that you can customize with text and photos. Use it to tell your story with words and pictures. You can even write blog posts on your page. The more personal your story, the more people will be moved by it. When people visit your web page they’ll find an easy-to-use link to make an online donation on your behalf.

Ideas for your web page:

  • Brag about your pet(s) with pictures and stories.
  • Talk about why you think it’s important to rescue pets, care for neglected animals, and fight animal cruelty.
  • Share a personal experience about Greenhill or adopting an animal.

When your web page is ready, share it!

You can send out the link to your page using your regular email account, Facebook, twitter, etc.

Quick Tips for Raising $500 or more

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask more than once, especially with email. If you don’t get a response the first time, ask if your email arrived. Then, ask again. Here’s one method many people have used to quickly raise funds:

Day Who to Ask Total
Day 1 Get yourself started with a $25 donation $25
Day 2 Challenge three family members to match your $25 $100
Day 3 Ask your best friend for a $25 sponsorship $125
Day 4 Ask your boss for a company donation or a matching gift $150
Day 5 Ask five local friends to sponsor you for $10 $200
Day 6 Ask five out-of-town friends to sponsor you for $10 $250
Day 7 Gather support at work! Ask five co-workers for $10 $300
Day 8 Ask five neighbors to support you for $10 $350
Day 9 Ask 10 people at your church, club, gym, etc for $10 each $450
Day 10 Request a $10 sponsorship from five local businesses $500

Thank you, Gold Sponsors

Thank you, Silver Sponsors

Thank you, Bronze Sponsors

Thank you, Media Sponsors