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Scope out the many great gift items for our hospitalized children. Like kids, our gift items come in all colors, shapes and sizes. It’s fast, easy and gives our hospitalized children just what they need. Take a brief paws to help our pediatric patients.


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Art supplies such as paper, scissors, paintbrushes, glitter, glue, etc., are needed items for creative activities. Such activities promote self-esteem and provide a creative outlet during a medical stay at Children's Hospital.
Bubbles and other distraction toys help our child life staff keep children's minds off their tests and procedures.
Your gift of books will help stock our playrooms so that children will have access to some of their favorite books to pass the time while in the hospital.
Children's DVDs are useful for children to pass the time while undergoing testing or therapy in Children's Hospital. Please note: Children's Hospital will not purchase any movies with an R rating.
Many children and families find themselves unexpectedly in the PICU. It is a small comfort to be able to provide a child or family member with clean clothes and other personal care items.
Video gaming systems and games such as PlayStation and Wii are used to provide distraction and a sense of normalcy for patients as well as an opportunity for them to interact with other patients.
Facility Dogs are highly trained service animals that are paired with a trained handler. Our dogs and trained handlers work as a team to provide comfort, support, and distraction to children during procedures and hospitalization. Our facility dog program wouldn't be possible without community support. By donating to our Facility dog program, you help cover everything from treats to annual immunizations to baths and more.
Children in our care need games and activities to help them pass the time. Board games, corn hole boards, ladder ball and more can be found in our playrooms, exam rooms and waiting areas to help children pass the time.
Can't decide on what items to buy? You can simply make a donation starting at just $5 and make a huge impact on our pediatric patients and their families.
Children who are cared for at Children's Hospital Outpatient Centers need the same child-friendly environment and care they would receive at Children's Hospital. Your gift provides a child with a small item to reward them for their experience. Ex: toy chest items, stickers, barbies, cars
Classic childhood toys such as Mr. Potato Head and baby dolls provide children with distractions during procedures and provide normalcy through play.