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The Dragon Boat Upstate Festival invites the community to join us in supporting the Prisma Health Cancer Institute's crucial initiatives, including funding for research, patient support and survivorship programs, community prevention efforts, and more. Explore the “Why We Paddle” tab for further insights.

Whether you're personally touched by cancer, driven to make a community impact, or seeking an engaging activity for friends, family, or colleagues to unite around, Dragon Boat offers a unique opportunity for fun, camaraderie, and meaningful contribution to the fight against cancer.

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Become a Team Captain

Gathering a Dragon Boat team involves recruiting a minimum of 16 paddlers and 1 drummer, all of whom you'll rally to form a cohesive unit. To participate in the festival, teams commit to fundraising $5,000, but fret not—we're here to support you every step of the way!

Dragon Boat teams offer an ideal opportunity for families and friends to come together in celebration or remembrance of loved ones affected by cancer. They're also perfect for businesses seeking to foster camaraderie among employees beyond the workplace and for anyone eager to make a meaningful difference.

Ready to lead the charge? Dive right in by signing up your team today, then gather your friends, family, and colleagues for an unforgettable experience!

Dragon Boat 2018 - Release the Kraken

Paddle on a team

Ready to hit the water without the responsibility of being a team captain? Joining as a paddler on a team is an excellent way to dive into the world of Dragon Boat racing while supporting fundraising and team efforts.

As a paddler, you'll pay a registration fee of $25 and set your own individual fundraising goal. You can easily join a team by clicking here. Unsure which team to join? Email us at DragonBoat@prismahealth.org, and we'll connect you with a fantastic Dragon Boat team in need of paddlers.


Our volunteers play a crucial role in orchestrating a flawless event, ensuring all participants have an unforgettable experience. While we haven't released information for 2024 volunteers yet, you can express your interest by emailing us at DragonBoat@prismahealth.org or visiting this page for updates!

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If you are an individual or company looking to partner with the Dragon Boat Upstate Festival, review our partnership packet to learn more.

Support a team

The funds raised through the Dragon Boat Upstate Festival play a vital role in supporting local prevention and early detection initiatives, advanced cancer research, patient programs, and life-changing services provided by the Prisma Health Cancer Institute.

You can contribute to a Dragon Boat team's fundraising endeavors by donating directly to a team here. Many teams organize mini-events like bake sales, social gatherings, theme basket auction sales, and other enjoyable activities to raise funds. You can support these efforts by participating in and contributing to these events. Visit the team activities page to discover the different opportunities you can be a part of.