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15th Annual Dragon Boat Upstate Festival
Saturday, August 28, 2021

Why We Paddle!

Our Angels

"Our Angels" have opPARtunities to Conquer Cancer !!!

 "Our Angels" - Remembering Uncle Dale !

My sister Diane began her cancer journey nearly 40 years ago, surviving melanoma. We experienced cancer loss with the passing of our parents to colon and sarcoma cancers. Twelve years ago, Richard's lung cancer was treated by the loving doctors and staff at Greenville Health System's Cancer Institute - now Prisma Health Cancer Institute. Also, through these years, I have lost friends to cancer including my BFF Sandy Fehrman, Red Hermann and Betsy Turner. I began my Dragon Boat participation in 2012 to remember with friends and family all of these journeys - and journeys of many others. Specifically, I Remember Richard on this 11th year of his passing.

This past year I have lost other family and friends to cancer.  This year we add to our reasons to paddle, and specifically remember my Uncle Dale!  We played many rounds of golf together, and he was the main caretaker of the family farm through these past decades.  Uncle Dale is my father's baby brother, and many times seemed like an older brother to me.   His daughter Cindy possesses his greatest strengths - and stubbornness ... just like me.  Cindy reminds me that he would always consider challenges as opportunities. 

i wish that they were all still with me to continue this fight to conquer cancer!

Thus, our slogan for this year - "opPARtunities Conquer Cancer !!!

I'm certain that you have a similar story of cancer treatment journeys yourself or with family and friends.  Join me in supporting cancer patients by donating to the 15th annual Dragon Boat Upstate Festival.  By making a donation in support of team    "Our Angels" you help provide vital cancer research and survivorship programs to cancer patients in our community.  So many of us have been touched by cancer in some way and this event provides a way for us to honor and remember loved ones that have faced or continue to face the disease.  Make a donation and know that you are making a difference to cancer patients right here in the Upstate.

"Our Angels" honors all who have been treated, and all the family, friends, technicians, nurses, doctors who got us through the impossible days.

You are one of "Our Angels"!   You make my heart smile!   Thank you!

By Achieving Success -  opPARtunities Conquer Cancer !!

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