Run4life Caine Halter Caine Halter

The Run4Life event, originally known as Lungs4Life, is Greenville’s leading race for the Fall. This year, we pay tribute to Caine Halter and celebrate 15 years of family and friends gathering to fight cancer for patients and their loved ones.

Caine Halter was a third-generation executive of the Caine Companies. He was involved in many real estate organizations, both in this community and nationally, and was instrumental in furthering the Caine name in the Greenville real estate community. In 2006, he was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer an event that, while shocking to anyone, was especially unexpected to Caine, a physically fit, mid-forties, non-smoker. But his commitment to life, his strong faith and his never-ending positive attitude enabled him to fight hard for the next 13 months.

Because of the limited research on the type of cancer Caine had, his treatment options were limited. The Lungs4Life event began as he and his family realized the need for awareness of the disease and funds for research to find a cure. Caine planned to be at the first 5K run/walk in October of 2007 but lost his battle with cancer on August 10th of that year.

A remarkable team stood by as Caine’s battle for life unfolded. For those, this event is an annual way to celebrate and honor the life of a respected business leader, a colleague, and most of all, a friend. Many runners and walkers join us every year and while they may not have known Caine personally, with the fall sun shining brightly every year - it’s impossible to miss his influence and legacy which now fights for ALL cancer patients.

How does something like Run4Life happen some 15 years later the Halter family will often remark ……. “Caine realized each day was a gift, and he greeted it with joy and excitement. His tremendous heart, positive attitude and generous spirit guided him day by day. He taught us all lessons of hope by the way he lived his life and fought this battle.”

Please celebrate Caine and all cancer patients by giving an additional 15th Anniversary gift this year. Thank you.

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Run4life Caine Halter Dr. Larry Gluck

Dr. Larry Gluck has run in every race since the first in 2007. His early energy to fight was in remembrance of his patient, Caine Halter. Over the next 15 years, Dr. Gluck would use that original inspiration and the fight of many to come to build incredible cancer services in the Upstate. When outside guests visit Greenville, they often comment that the programs assembled are often found only in much larger cities.

Dr. Larry Gluck’s efforts to find and develop innovative ways to improve all aspects of cancer care delivery at Prisma Health have been a model for local and national care providers. Cutting-edge programs reach as far back as 1991 and include the Institute for Translational Oncology Research (ITOR), an international destination center that develops and delivers innovative, personalized cancer therapies; the Rare Tumor Center, the nation’s first center dedicated exclusively to the treatment and research of rare tumors; and the Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship (CIOS), a patient-centered program that integrates evidence-based complementary therapies with traditional cancer care and the Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness (CCPW). The patient is at the center of every program developed over the past 30 years.

Also noteworthy is our Prisma Health Cancer Institute’s multi-year grant recognition from the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) to conduct clinical trials and research studies aimed at improving patient outcomes and reducing health disparities. The Cancer Institute is the only community-based site in South Carolina to receive this award more than once, resulting in $15M since our first award in 2014.

In addition to his dedication to patient-centric care, Dr. Gluck has been a trailblazer in fundraising with more than ten years as a Clinical Champion leading countless donor meetings with interested community members and grateful families. During his tenure, Dr. Gluck has dedicated 2,000+ hours to raise $15M in private support for patient programs in the community.

In 2021, the Prisma Health Office of Philanthropy established the Be the Difference Award, honoring a Prisma Health-Upstate clinical leader who embraces and contributes to the impact of transformational giving. Dr. Gluck was the first Prisma Health leader to receive the prestigious recognition.

Please celebrate Dr. Gluck and all cancer patients by giving an additional 15th Anniversary gift this year. Thank you.

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Run4life Caine Halter Susan Reid Bridgers

A valiant leader in the fight for cancer patients in the Upstate who we salute today and remember every day. Susan Bartels Reid Bridgers was the loving wife of Joseph Britt Bridgers, her five wonderful sons Jacob, Bennett, Hunter, Patrick and Kelsey and her three loving stepdaughters - Lyle, Sherrod, and Ellis.

Susan was also well-known for being a mother figure to many others. Her dinner table was always packed with life and laughter. With many friends, her sons also spent time at almost every house in Greenville, making Susan uniquely familiar with the local housing market. It was only fitting that Susan later became a successful real estate agent with CB Caine. As a connection to the company and the Halter family, Susan jumped at the chance to help fight cancer through the Run4Life Event in memory of Caine Halter. Susan was an executive committee member and was responsible for gathering the course volunteers that help make each year a great success.

This year, we are recognizing Susan and her family for the work they’ve done raising funds to help fellow cancer patients. We have designed a special area on the course paying tribute to her “Susan Spirit.” Everyone who knew her now has an opportunity to give a tribute gift in her memory. All tribute dollars for Susan will help fund a Prisma Health, Cancer Institute, Ovarian Cancer study by Dr. Larry Puls, Study Principal Investigator and Susan’s doctor for four years.

Legacy organizers like Caine and Susan who have been part of this amazing event are still with us cheering from heaven’s best 5K finish line you can hear them - well done - team well done!

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