Tell Oregon Governor Kitzhaber to Stop Coal Exports in Oregon

Coal train 2

We need to put the brakes on the last remaining coal export proposal in Oregon.

The coal industry is facing unprecedented opposition from the growing grassroots movement against these dirty energy projects — of the six original coal export proposals in the Pacific Northwest, three remain. The only remaining coal export proposal in Oregon is one from Australian-based Ambre Energy, which would threaten the Columbia River with polluting coal barges.

If the big coal companies get their way, tens of millions of tons of coal could soon be shipped through Oregon and Washington each year on uncovered trains and barges, and exported through our region's ports, leaving a cloud of dangerous coal dust and diesel pollution in our communities. It would also rapidly increase climate pollution by supplying coal to overseas markets.

Simply put, if we want to avoid catastrophic climate disruption, we can't allow corporations like Ambre to mine and ship millions of tons of coal for profit.

Call on Governor Kitzhaber and the Oregon Department of State Lands to deny the permit.


Dear Governor Kitzhaber and DSL Coordinator Charles Redon,

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