Chicken of the Sea: It's time to talk

Take Action!Chicken of the Sea recently circulated a letter to people who were concerned about its fishing practices addressing the company’s "commitment to sustainability." Unfortunately, that letter was nothing but expensive PR spin.

The simple truth is that Chicken of the Sea doesn’t have a commitment to sustainability. Far from it.

Greenpeace’s campaign is about exposing Chicken of the Sea’s dirty little secrets to bring about real change on the water. From ocean destruction to the PR spin it uses to cover it up. Thanks to thousands of people who have taken action, it’s clear we have the company’s attention.

But Chicken of the Sea still refuses to engage in a meaningful discussion with us about its fishing practices and is opting instead to spend its time and money on expensive PR. The misinformation has to stop.

Send a message to the CEO of Chicken of the Sea that you’re not fooled and that it’s time to stop wasting money on expensive PR and start a real dialogue with Greenpeace.


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