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Tell Duke Energy to Quit Coal

Altered Duke LogoDuke Energy and its CEO Jim Rogers spend a lot of time talking about clean energy and the need to take action on climate change. In fact, in 2010, Rogers said “we’re in a unique position in the power industry to deploy the solutions, to raise the capital and not raise the national debt, to do it at scale, and to do it in China time."

Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t match that rhetoric. Every year, Duke burns millions of tons of coal from mountaintop removal mines in dozens of old coal-fired power plants. And instead of investing big in renewable energy like wind and solar, they’re running up regular peoples’ electricity rates to build more coal and nuclear power plants.

Green-sounding talking points aren’t enough to save the climate or the hundreds of people who lose their lives and livelihoods to Duke’s coal addiction every year. Help us send 50,000 letters to Duke CEO Jim Rogers and let him know we can’t wait another day for companies like Duke to put their money where their mouth is and kickstart a renewable energy revolution.


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