Tell Shell: Don't Destroy the Arctic

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A global fleet of Arctic destroyers is speeding towards one of the last unspoiled places on earth.

The ships are part of oil giant Shell’s mission to drill in the pristine waters off the coast of Alaska. It’s insane, but melting sea ice from global warming has made it a reality. If Shell finds oil, the Arctic oil rush will be on.

Drilling in this fragile ecosystem — home to the polar bear, narwhal, Arctic fox and other iconic species — is unacceptable. A spill or accident in these waters would be disastrous and the harsh conditions would make responding to such a disaster almost impossible.

Join the 340,000 people from around the world who have already taken action and demand Shell stop its plans to put the fragile Arctic at risk.


Don't Destroy the Arctic

Dear Shell CEO Mr. Peter Voser

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