Tell Kroger and SUPERVALU to Sell Sustainable Canned Tuna

Help us save the oceans.Safeway and Whole Foods have each received "green" ratings in the newest version of Greenpeace’s Carting Away the Oceans seafood scorecard report. They are the first companies to achieve this rating thanks in large part to their new commitments to source their canned tuna labels sustainably.

This is big news and has major implications for all our seafood work.

The US is the largest canned tuna market in the world. A majority of Americans actually get their seafood from a can — which is why getting a commitment from a company the size of Safeway is such a big deal. But we have to continue to build on this success if we want lasting change. If Whole Foods and Safeway can do it, so can stores like Kroger and SUPERVALU.

Take action now and tell Kroger and SUPERVALU to make a commitment to start selling sustainable tuna.


Dear Geoffrey Covert, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Kroger; Michael Donnelly,Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Kroger; and Janel Haugarth, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at SUPERVALU

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