Tell Nucor's CEO to stop funding Climate Denial

heartland imageAn outrageous ad campaign ran recently equating anyone who believed in climate change to Osama Bin Laden, the Unabomber and the mass-murderer Charles Manson. 
The ads were posted on billboards by a corporate front group called the Heartland Institute. Heartland was forced to take down the billboard in less than 24 hours due to public outrage, and many of Heartland's corporate funders like State Farm and Eli Lilly have dropped their support in response.
Another major sponsor of Heartland’s attacks on climate change science and environmental regulation is Nucor Corporation, one of the largest steel manufacturers in the US.
On Nucor’s website, the company brands itself as “a corporate citizen,” that takes very seriously their responsibility to create a cleaner environment.
Tell Nucor’s CEO and Chairman Dan DiMicco that if he wants to be a good corporate citizen he needs to immediately stop funding the Heartland Institute.


Dear Dan DiMicco, Steve Rowlan and Kristine Miller

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