Ask the Presidential candidates: What's the plan to deal with extreme weather and stop global warming?

Take ActionSevere storms known as “derechos” have ripped through the Northeast lately — killing at least two people and causing serious damage. They are the same type of storms that devastated the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states back in June. Along with the historic wildfires out west and record droughts, it has been a summer of extreme weather.

This is what global warming looks like. And we can expect even more of these types of events in the future as the planet continues to warm.

The election will soon be dominating the headlines until November. While our presidential candidates are busy answering media questions about tax returns, bailouts and birth certificates, what they really need to be talking about is how they are going to save the planet.

Send a message to President Obama and Governor Romney asking them how they plan to stop global warming before it is too late and help make global warming a part of the election discourse this year.


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