Will you join us in protecting forests?

Take ActionHome to around two-thirds of all plant and animal species found on land — in addition to the millions of people who depend on them for survival — our remaining ancient forests are some of the most diverse ecosystems known to science.

But ancient forests around the world are under attack.  We campaign for forest protection because, without healthy, thriving forests, planet Earth cannot sustain life. As much as eighty per cent of the world's forests have been degraded or destroyed. Greenpeace is campaigning for zero deforestation by 2020 to protect what is left of these extraordinary ecosystems.

They are also vitally important to the health of our planet, especially when it comes to regulating the climate. But the importance of forests stretches far beyond their own boundaries. Forests help to regulate the Earth's climate because they store nearly 300 billion tons of carbon in their living parts — roughly 40 times the annual greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels.

We need your help to protect what forests remain.  Join us in our goal to reach zero deforestation by 2020.


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