Tell Walmart to start selling sustainably caught canned tuna

Take ActionWalmart’s own brand of tuna might be low-cost. But it comes at a heavy price to our oceans.

That’s because what you’ll find inside a can of Walmart’s ‘Great Value’ tuna has been caught in the some of the most destructive ways imaginable. These destructive fishing practices unnecessarily kill tens of thousands of sharks, sea turtles, rays and other sea creatures every year.

Safeway just recently began selling sustainably sourced tuna under its own label on a national scale. This "Responsibly Caught" Safeway Select tuna also costs less than cans from major companies like Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea. We know it can be done and it’s time for Walmart to do the same thing. Help us send 30,000 messages to the company in the next 48 hours by taking action today.

Take action and ask Walmart to start selling sustainably caught canned tuna.


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