It's time for Levi's to detox!

Tell Levi's to detox now!Levi's has always prided themselves on being a brand of ‘classic American style and effortless cool’. But what’s cool about toxic pollution? Levi's jeans and t-shirts have been found to contain hazardous chemicals which break down in the environment to form toxic pollution.

What’s more, our latest investigations found toxic and hormone-disrupting chemicals in waterways in Mexico where Levi's suppliers discharge their wastewater.

Levi's chemical policy is woefully inadequate, focusing on managing hazardous chemicals, rather than eliminating them. This approach is clearly not working, and is having a disastrous impacts on both the environment and the livelihoods of the people living near the sources of this pollution.

Local water supplies should not be turned into public sewers for industry. Levi's needs to follow in Zara’s footsteps and commit to detox their fashion before it’s too late. Send a letter to the CEO of Levi’s right now.


Levi's, toxics are not in fashion

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