Tell President Obama to reject the Keystone pipeline and pass the climate challenge!

Take ActionThe United States and global leaders have arrived at a crossroads. One path leads to a safe, clean future powered by renewable, sustainable energy.

The other path offers nothing but dirty-energy projects pushing us past the point of no return for reducing our carbon emissions and ensuring a healthy future. Why would our President lead us on a backwards path by approving projects including the Keystone pipeline that would transport dirty tar sands oil right through the United States?

President Obama has been handed the climate challenge and in order to pass, he must reject the Keystone pipeline in addition to Arctic drilling, coal exports and new coal plants. He can pave the way for an clean energy revolution for the United States rather than holding our futures hostage with backwards energy projects.

Take action today, and tell President Obama to reject the Keystone Pipeline. By doing so, he’ll be one step closer to passing the climate challenge.


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