Tell Congress to pass the Save America's Pollinators Act!

Save the honeybee!All across America millions of bees are being poisoned by a group of pesticides called neonics. If we don’t stop using these chemicals soon, the bee population could be done for – and so could all the fruits and vegetables that rely on bees for pollination.

But there’s hope. A bill was just introduced in Congress that would ban neonics until a scientific studies could prove no harm will come to bee populations from their use.

Passing this bill won’t be easy. Big Agriculture and chemical companies are already lobbying hard to defeat it. Massive public support is the only chance the bees have. Over 100,000 Greenpeace supporters helped raise the profile of this issue last month. Together we now have a chance to save the bees before it is too late.

Urge your representative to support the Save America’s Pollinators Act and save the bees!


Support the Save America's Pollinators Act!

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