Save Bees from Sulfoxaflor

Help save honeybees from death by pesticide.A deadly bee illness called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is sweeping across the US. Just last winter CCD wiped out almost a third of the nation's hives.

We don't know all the factors that cause CCD, but we do know one guilty party: A class of pesticides — known as neonicotinoids —  that studies have shown to weaken, disorient and kill honeybees.

Despite the evidence, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just last year approved a new Dow pesticide called sulfoxaflor, which its own research showed was “highly toxic” to bees. To save the honeybee, the EPA needs to step up. And fast.

Demand that the EPA takes its first big step towards saving the bee populations that we all depend on. Tell the agency to ban sulfoxaflor — the newest bee-killing pesticide to hit the market.


Withdraw approval of Sulfoxaflor

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