Tell Congress to reject The Empty Oceans Act

Take action for our oceans

Damaging legislation was just introduced that would allow overfishing— threatening our oceans, fisheries, and local communities.

U.S. Representative Doc Hastings, the Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, has introduced a bill to amend the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the main Federal law that protects our coasts from overfishing.

If enacted into law, Rep. Hastings’ “Empty Oceans Act” would gut important environmental protections and allow an unsustainable rate of fishing—even on the most vulnerable fish species.

The Empty Oceans Act threatens to bring us back to the disastrous overfishing policies of the past.

Tell Congress not to weaken the Magnuson-Stevens act and open up our coastline to dangerous overfishing.



Reject The Empty Oceans Act

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