Lumber Liquidators: Don't buy Amazon crime!

Save the jaguar's homeThe Amazon rainforest — home to a quarter of known land species on earth — is under siege.

Illegal timber operations in Brazil are hacking apart this iconic forest. But to American companies that import and sell Amazon wood, this forest crime is out of sight, out of mind. American flooring retailer Lumber Liquidators even buys timber from a Brazilian state where 78% of the wood is illegally harvested.

As a result, rainforest habitat for animals like the jaguar, spider monkey, and three-toed sloth is under attack. Illegal loggers invade protected areas, including ecological reserves and indigenous land.

Lumber Liquidators, already in 46 states and growing fast, is looking to become the household name for bargain so-called “sustainable” flooring. If we don’t demand it change its practices now, Lumber Liquidator’s growth will support even more forest destruction.

Lilly has a chance today to turn a corner towards sustainability. Tell Lumber Liquidators to stop hiding its head in the sand and cut ties with criminals destroying the Amazon rainforest.


Don't buy Amazon crime!

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