Dear John, please commit to our oceans ...

Sea Turtle in Komodo National ParkSecretary of State John Kerry has the power to help protect our ocean — and the marine creatures that call it home.

John Kerry already professed his personal love for the oceans. He's even said “There can be no doubt that the ocean requires our protection and our collective action… If we’re going to pass on a livable ocean to the next generation, we need to act much more forcefully now.”

But he is yet to do the one thing that could fundamentally tip the balance in favor of ocean life: support a United Nations agreement to protect the high seas with network of ocean sanctuaries.

With more than half of our oceans lying beyond the authority of any one country, it will take nothing less than a network of ocean sanctuaries — large areas where you don’t take anything, break anything or pollute anything — to secure the future we want for ‘Our Ocean’ and ocean life.

John Kerry is listening. He says he is an ocean lover and he even is convening “Our Ocean,” an international conference on ocean protection on June 16. But he is not fully committed to protecting the oceans.

Sign now to demand true ocean protection while we have Secretary Kerry’s ear. We’ll even make sure your signature can’t be ignored by delivering it in person at the June 16 'Our Ocean' conference.


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