EPA: Protect butterflies, bees, & birds from poison!

save the beesButterflies and bees are being poisoned. Scientists have already linked a powerful class of pesticides called “neonics” to increases in bee die-offs. Due in part to these deadly toxic chemicals, hives in the United States continue to collapse.

And now, the situation is getting worse. The monarch butterfly, once common across the United States, could soon end up on the Endangered Species List. By some estimates, the monarch butterfly population has declined 90 percent over the past two decades.

In Europe, millions spoke up for the bees and pressured the European Union (EU) into imposing a two year ban on neonics, defeating the influential pesticide lobby. If we act together, we can convince the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to do the same.

Save the butterflies and bees before it's too late! Send a message to the EPA now.


Save honeybees and butterflies! Ban neonicotinoid pesticides

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