RCF, I won't let you exploit the Pacific Northwest I love

Progress: 80%
Progress: 80%
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Coal Exports“Vulture” capitalists are circling the Pacific Northwest. And they’re looking to profit — at our expense.

Investment firm Resource Capital Funds (RCF) has swooped in to finance two coal export proposals on the Columbia River. These coal export projects — proposed by struggling coal company Ambre Energy — would fuel climate change, threaten our health, and damage the environment.

But we can stop this. If we can convince RCF to pull its investment, the proposed terminals could soon be out of funds. RCF is just looking for a quick buck.That’s why we must show RCF that backing coal exports means a long fight with us, not easy money!

Send RCF a message to pull its investment in coal exports now, because you are committed to protecting the Pacific Northwest from coal — for the long haul.


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