Don't sneak whaling past us!

Japan whalingUPDATE: Shortly after we shared this leaked proposal, we were contacted by a senior US official who assured us that the US will NOT be proposing any resolution on Annex P (which discusses the validity of so-called “research” whaling) at the upcoming International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting. We also were informed that the draft language in the leaked proposal will NOT be used. Greenpeace is optimistic about being able to support this new position. 

BUT the fight is not over — and we still need your voice today.

Tell President Obama, the Secretary of Commerce, and the International Whaling Commission that the US Government should be a leader for whale conservation by leading the charge to end commerical whaling for good. 

Despite the IWC moratorium on whaling, Japan has been killing minke whales and critically endangered fin whales for years, selling their meat and claiming to be conducting scientific research. Greenpeace has been working with governments from around the world to tighten the diplomatic loopholes that allow commerical whaling to continue. 

Send a message to President Obama, the Secretary of Commerce, and the International Whaling Commission TODAY. 


Support whale conservation at the IWC

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