Tell Bumble Bee Tuna to Stop Killing Sharks

Shark FinningEvery year, millions of sharks are killed every year only for their fins. All so they can be sold in soups served at expensive restaurants and fancy weddings.

The shark fin trade is cruel, wasteful and unsustainable. And it’s being fueled in large part by the tuna industry.

US tuna brands that hire these vessels   like Bumble Bee  aren’t taking any steps to stop it.  

That’s why Greenpeace is launching a public campaign to get Bumble Bee to clean up its act. Policies banning shark finning are not enough. The best hope for sharks is for tuna companies to start operating responsibly. 

With nearly half of all shark species currently at risk of extinction, we don’t have much time.

Take action below and tell the Bumble Bee CEO Chris Lischewski that the time is now to ensure his company’s tuna is legal and sustainable. We don’t want tuna that comes with the hidden cost of millions of dead sharks.


Protect Sharks and Ensure Your Tuna Is Legal and Sustainable

Dear Mr. Chris Lischewski, CEO of Bumble Bee Foods

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