President Obama: reject Arctic drilling!

Shell's rig will arrive in Seattle soon

Just weeks ago, the Obama administration approved Shell's lease to drill in Arctic waters despite overwhelming risks to Arctic communities, wildlife and our climate. This clears the way for the Department of the Interior to approve Shell's 2015 Exploration Plan, which will be the final step before Shell can drill this summer.

It’s not too late. But, we need to make our voices heard now. 

After a public outcry, President Obama showed climate leadership in vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline bill. Now, we need to make sure he hears us again — loud and clear: No Arctic Drilling! 

Ask President Obama and the Department of the Interior to show climate leadership and reject Shell’s Exploration Plan to drill in Arctic waters.


Dear President Obama,

You began your presidency with a catastrophic oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Will you end it with an even worse disaster in the Arctic? The Obama administration should reject the 2015 Exploration Plan and make the Arctic off-limits to drilling in the next 5-Year Plan.

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