Stop the Fires: Save Indonesia's Forests

Indonesian Forest Fires

Stand with Indonesians to protect forests!

I've lived my entire life breathing thick smoke from annual forest and peatland fires. Every year tens of thousands die prematurely from respiratory illness. Every year I hear the government promise to solve this problem. But this year was even worse than we imagined.

These fires are a man-made crisis driven by decades of forest destruction by some of the biggest palm oil and paper companies in the world. Greed is winning over the survival of people and amazing wildlife like orangutans and tigers.

Thankfully, rains have come and extinguished most of the fire hotspots across Indonesia – for now. Palm oil companies and the Indonesian government must immediately protect the remaining forests and peatlands to ensure the fires don't take off again as predicted for early next year.

I need your support! Without global pressure from customers of the brands that buy palm oil, companies and the government will continue to ignore the problem. Stand with Indonesians who are fighting to protect our health and our forests, sign my petition.

Rahmi - Indonesian FiresThank you!

Rahmi Carolina
Indonesian student, 22 years old

Update, Nov 19: The Indonesian President has moved to ban new development on peatland! This is a major breakthrough – now we need to make sure this instruction is made into law and enforced. Please sign to pressure companies to act on President Jokowi’s policy to stop the fires once and for all.


Dear President Joko Widodo and CEOs of palm oil producers, traders and buyers:

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