Save the Heart of the Amazon

Stand with the Munduruku

The heart of the Amazon rainforest is under threat. A huge new mega-dam could flood an entire area around the Tapajós river, destroying the home of Indigenous People and rare wildlife.

But one Indigenous community, the Munduruku, are fighting back — and they need people around the world to join them. They are demanding that the Brazilian government officially recognize their ancestral land so they can keep companies that want to build the mega-dam -- like Siemens and General Electric -- out.

If thousands of people from countries around the globe take a stand with the Munduruku, we can show the Brazilian Government and international companies that we won’t let them get away with the destructive dam.

Will you stand with the Munduruku?


Dear Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens AG and Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric

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