President Obama: Revoke the Permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Revoke the Dakota Access Pipeline permits!For months, the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies have been peacefully protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would carry nearly 500,000 barrels of crude oil a day across their ancestral lands and under the Missouri River. 

The pipeline was approved without adequate environmental reviews or consultation from the community — and its construction is a direct threat to rights and safety of the Standing Rock Sioux, who live less than a mile downstream.

Thousands have joined the peaceful resistance at Standing Rock — but law enforcement has reacted with aggression and violence. Recently, militarized police forces used pepper spray, concussion grenades, rubber bullets, and tasers against peaceful water protectors, even detaining some in dog kennels.

In response to this disturbing and dehumanizing violence, it's even more important to show your solidarity with Standing Rock water protectors. 

Indigenous activists at Standing Rock have created a swell of momentum against the project, now it's time for President Obama to stop it for good. Tell President Obama to revoke the permits for the Dakota Access fracked oil pipeline.


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