No to Pesticides, Yes to Better Bread!

Healthy Food, Not Pesticides!

We can’t fix our broken food system without the world’s biggest breadmaker.

Every year in the United States more than one billion pounds of pesticides are used. These toxic chemicals are a huge problem:

  • Pesticides enter our bodies from the foods we eat and are particularly dangerous to farmworkers and agricultural communities.
  • The overuse of pesticides kills bees and other pollinators.
  • Pest-resistant weeds and bugs are emerging that require even more pesticides!

Bimbo — owner of brands like Arnold’s, Bimbo, Ball Park buns, Sara Lee, and Thomas’ english muffins — is the largest breadmaker in the world. It’s is so huge and it could do so much to reduce pesticide use and help change the food system.

While Bimbo has made grand statements on healthy food and stopping climate change, it hasn’t done enough about the chemicals used to grow its food. That’s why tens of thousands are speaking out.

Join us! Tell Bimbo to stop using ingredients grown with dangerous pesticides and help fix our broken food system!


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