Tell President Obama: #KeepItInTheGround before it's too late!

Five year

Wow! President Obama listened to your requests to stop new drilling in the Arctic Ocean! This is great news for the Arctic communities and marine life who are facing serious climate change impacts and would be most affected by an oil spill. This is a moment to celebrate and thank the president for listening to Alaskans and the millions of people opposed to Arctic drilling.

Unfortunately, Obama's plan comes with MORE fossil fuel drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. 
With President-elect Trump already making moves to dismantle the Paris Climate Agreement and appoint a climate-denier to head the Environmental Protection Agency, President Obama MUST do all he can to secure climate protections for our planet.

This means STOPPING drilling projects on our federal lands and waters not setting the stage for more of them.

But there’s still time for President Obama to secure his climate legacy. Thank President Obama for his climate leadership in the Arctic, and urge him to halt all new drilling, fracking, and mining on public lands and waters — including the Gulf of Mexico.


Stop new fossil fuel leasing on public lands and waters

Dear President Obama,

I thank you for your leadership to date, and urge you to boldly secure your climate legacy by announcing that public lands and waters will no longer be auctioned off to oil, gas, and coal companies.

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