Resist: Protect the Paris Climate Agreement

The time to resist is now.

Donald Trump campaigned for President on a promise to obstruct and derail action on climate change at every level. And, so far, his administration is doing just that. From cabinet picks to policy statements (or tweets), it’s clear the Trump Administration’s goal is to undermine progress on climate change.

It’s up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Protecting the Paris Agreement is a critical first step. The agreement isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s the blueprint for how we build a clean energy future, initiate a just transition for impacted communities and avoid catastrophic climate change.

That’s why Greenpeace will be resisting every future attempt by the Trump Administration -- whether it’s attacking the Clean Power Plan, approving pipelines, rolling back fuel efficiency standards, or opening up the Arctic to drilling again -- to weaken our country’s ability to meet its climate commitments as defined in the historic agreement.

People across the country are already resisting. But we need you standing with us along the way and leading in your community to win this fight. 

Join the resistance today by putting your members of Congress on notice that you expect them to protect the commitments made under the Paris Agreement to fight climate change and that you’ll be holding them accountable.


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