Tell Disney: Drop Trump's Business Council!

Disney: Drop Trump

While the Trump administration's dangerous policies have fueled the people’s resistance movement to grow larger and stronger every day, there is still a small group of influencers advising Trump despite his disastrous agenda — his business advisory council.

On that council sits Disney CEO Bob Iger, head of a company whose family values and stated commitment to protecting the environment are completely out of step with everything Trump represents. But rather than recognizing this conflict and stepping down, Iger said that being on the council is a “great opportunity” that gives him a “pipeline” to speak with Trump.

Thousands of people across the country disagree. If Disney truly believes in protecting our planet, its CEO needs to stop collaborating with a president who denies climate change, supports the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, and has given fossil fuel companies permission to dump their waste in our rivers.

It’s time for anyone still serving under Trump’s dangerous agenda to cut ties. Tell Disney CEO Bob Iger to denounce Trump and leave his business advisory council today!


Dear Robert A. Iger, CEO, The Walt Disney Company

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