Ban ALL Drilling in Alaska's Arctic Waters

Polar Bear

Just recently, BP announced that they were again delaying their Liberty Island drilling project. This time to 2013. It's not surprising. Their plan is insane. It calls for a well to be drilled that extends two miles below the seabed and then six to eight miles sideways to get at the oil they believe lies below federal waters in the Beaufort Sea.

Then, only a few days after BP made their announcement, Shell's CEO announced that "There will be no drilling offshore Alaska in 2011," citing the uncertainty around permitting and the extra expense involved with drilling in Arctic waters.

The writing is on the wall. Drilling along Alaska's fragile Arctic coast is simply a bad idea. Cleaning up a spill (and it will happen) in Arctic waters is impossible and the effects on the local ecosystem and people would be catastrophic. The time is now for Secretary Salazar to do what the oil companies won't: Ban all offshore drilling in Arctic waters. For good.

Tell Secretary Salazar to ban all offshore drilling in Alaska's Arctic waters for good.


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