Tell Wal-Mart & SUPERVALU to clean up their act and save the oceans

We hit our first goal of 25, help us get to 30,000!

Progress: 94%
Progress: 94%
Alerts Taken: 28256     Goal: 30000

This April, we’ll be releasing our fifth Supermarket Scorecard report. And thanks to the amazing outpouring of support from activists all over the country, we’ve seen major improvements throughout the entire industry since that first scorecard was released. Trader Joe’s and now Costco have both adopted new seafood policies. Target has stepped up to be a real leader in the industry and other supermarkets are constantly working to improve their position -- which is exactly what the campaign was designed to do.

However, there’s still a group of national supermarket chains that are seriously lagging behind when it comes to their seafood “policies”. These are major companies like Wal-Mart and SUPERVALU and they need a little encouragement. Help keep the momentum going by telling them to get their act together and save the oceans.


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