Taxpayers should NOT take on the risk of building new nuclear plants

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Progress: 86%
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The disaster at Japan's nuclear power plant highlights the inherent dangers of nuclear power, we should be phasing it out in favor of clean energy like wind and solar and energy efficiency. And yet President Obama says he still wants to spend $36 billion of our tax dollars to subsidize the nuclear industry so it can build more nuclear plants here in the United States. Americans don't want their money going to dangerous and dirty energy sources; according to a recent poll, 74% of Americans oppose nuclear subsidies.

Of course, nuclear industry lobbyists are doing everything they can right now to make sure our members of Congress don't listen to the American people. So we need to make sure they know we don't want our tax dollars wasted on new nuclear plants that would threaten more communities here in the United States.

Send an urgent message to the President and your members of Congress TODAY and tell them that there is no place for taxpayer giveaways to the nuclear industry in the budget and that now is the time to invest in technology that uses clean and unlimited energy sources like the sun and wind.

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