Put an end to the NRC's rubber stamp!

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Progress: 90%
Progress: 90%
Alerts Taken: 27006     Goal: 30000

Any day now, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is deciding the fate of over a dozen aging nuclear reactors in this country. Some of which are of the very same design as those that exploded and melted down in Japan. The NRC has NEVER denied a nuclear industry application for renewal. That's not a legitimate licensing process; that's a radioactive rubber stamp!

It should not take a Chernobyl or a Fukushima on U.S. soil for government bureaucrats to regulate this dangerous technology. Please send a message right now to NRC Chairman Jaczko urging him to STOP re-licensing dangerous old nuclear reactors.

*Please customize your letter to the NRC below. Your personal views have a profound impact with decision-makers. Your letter will carry more weight with the NRC if it is in your own words.


Re-licensing old reactors

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