Tell Chicken of the Sea to End the Use of FADs

Mermaids are about the only sea creatures you won't see being brutally killed in this shocking video. And if Chicken of the Sea has their way, that's not going to change.

This never-before-seen footage was shot onboard a tuna fishing vessel in the Pacific. The crew in the video is using what are known as fish aggregating devices (FADs) to increase their catch.  But as the video clearly shows, FADs attract a lot more than just tuna. Sharks, sea turtles, rays, and dolphins are all brutally murdered for the sole purpose of getting canned tuna on the grocer’s shelf.

Thanks to massive tuna companies like Chicken of the Sea, the scene in this video plays out almost every day, and it’s destroying our oceans. Greenpeace needs your help to get them to clean up their act and commit to more sustainable ways of fishing.

Tell Chicken of the Sea to stop purchasing or selling tuna caught using FADs.


Stop Using FADs

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