Tell Secretary Clinton to Protect the Bottom of the World

PenguinA region of the Southern Ocean called the Ross Sea is the most pristine coastal sea on earth — but it is under serious threat from industrial fishing.

Here, literally at the bottom of the world, commercial fishing vessels come in search of Antarctic toothfish. You probably know this fish by another name — Chilean Sea Bass. What you might not know is that without it an ecosystem that supports vast populations of amazing creatures like emperor penguins, seals, minke whales and colossal squid couldn’t exist.

That’s why Greenpeace, along with a coalition of other groups, has been working closely with the US delegation to the international body responsible for overseeing conservation efforts in the Ross Sea. We’re calling for this area to be established as a marine reserve and asking the US government to continue supporting conservation efforts.

Let Secretary of State Clinton know that you support making the Ross Sea a fully-protected marine reserve and thank her for being a champion for conservation.


Protect the Ross Sea

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