Ask about Global Warming in the Debates

Take ActionIt has been a year of extreme weather.

Droughts, floods and wildfires have ravaged the US during the hottest 12-month period in our country’s history. Meanwhile, sea ice in the Arctic melted more this summer than ever before and experts are saying that within a decade we could see ice free summers there for the first time in many thousands of years.

The message is clear: global warming is real and it’s happening right now. That’s why we need to hear from the two candidates running for President what they’re planning to do about it. And there’s no better space than the presidential debates for them to do just that.

On Wednesday of next week, President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet in Denver, CO for the first of four presidential debates. It will be hosted by Jim Lehrer of PBS.

Send Jim Lehrer a message today and help make the issue of global warming a part of the debate for President.


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