Save Whales and Dolphins! Stop Seismic Testing

DolphinIf Big Oil gets its way, whales and dolphins from Delaware to Florida will soon be injured or killed by sounds 100,000 times louder than a jet engine.

Oil and gas companies want permits to use a technology called seismic airgun testing along the Atlantic coast. The testing process blasts sound waves powerful enough to detect oil deposits for offshore drilling -- and destroy marine life in the process.

The government’s own reports estimate that at least 138,500 dolphins and whales -- including endangered species like the North Atlantic right whale and blue whale -- would be injured or killed if oil and gas companies are allowed to go forward.

The Obama administration is poised to give the green light to this project as early as this month. But we can prevent this torture if we act quickly. Just last fall, massive public outcry stopped seismic testing off the California coast. We can do the same at the national level now.


Reject seismic airgun testing

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