Save the Cameroonian rainforest -- stop the Herakles Farms' project!

chimpanzee.jpgA US corporation called Herakles Farms is planning to plow down a piece of rainforest in Cameroon ten times the size of Manhattan to build an industrial palm oil plantation.

New science co-sponsored by Greenpeace reveals that rainforest Herakles wants to destroy is home to chimpanzees, elephants and other endangered wildlife.

This is yet another reason that Herakles should withdraw its project. The world needs palm oil, but not at the cost of local communities and endangered chimpanzees. There is a better way.
Send a message to Patrick Jones, the Managing Director of Herakles Farms, demanding that his company drop plans to destroy chimpanzee rainforests for palm oil in Cameroon.


Please adopt a 'zero deforestation policy'

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In solidarity with Cameroon's people and forests,
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