LEGO: Cut ties with Shell

Save the ArcticOil giant Shell is partnering up with beloved toy company, LEGO.

Shell is using LEGO to build a happy, carefree image, but behind the scenes it is mobilizing giant oil rigs to drill in the Arctic  putting the lives of polar bears, beluga whales, and more at risk of deadly oil spills. Just one misstep by Shell could doom this fragile habitat.

By allowing Shell to nestle itself into our children’s toyboxes, LEGO is legitimizing the destruction of the Arctic to children and families. We know LEGO can do better.

Activists and supporters around the world have already helped delay Shell’s plans in the Arctic. Now, Shell is desperately trying to rebuild its reputation by partnering with beloved brands like Lego.

With your voice speaking up for the Arctic, we can kick Shell out of our children’s playrooms — and move one step forward to kicking Shell out of the Arctic.

Don’t let Shell sneak its way into our children’s toyboxes. Tell LEGO to stop its partnership with Shell TODAY. 


Cut ties with Shell

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