Protect Public Lands, Not Coal Companies!

Airship Near Glacier National ParkNational parks all across the country are hurting. Climate change is dramatically altering the natural places we love, from melting glaciers to rising sea levels.

And the agency we trust to protect our national parks — the Department of the Interior (DOI) — is auctioning off other public lands for coal mining, fueling even more climate change!

Just last week, the Department of the Interior gave away 8 million tons of coal from public lands. And soon the DOI will try again to expand the Decker coal mine in Montana unlocking as much carbon pollution as 14 million cars a year.  

But these are our public lands. We have a say.

Take action today and tell the head of the DOI — Secretary Sally Jewell — we want healthy national parks and public lands, not coal mines and climate change. 


Immediate moratorium on new federal coal leasing

Dear Secretary Jewell ,

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