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2019 Tent Sherpa - Regular Tent (1-2 people)
Sign up for the Tent Sherpa Service. Service includes a tent that we set up and take down for you each day in camp; your bags are moved directly to and from your tent; additional services provided are clean towels each day, device charging and additional snacks and beverages. Regular tents are 3-person size tents, so they will fit two people sleeping, but tight with the luggage inside. Deluxe tents are 5-person size tents and easily fit two to three people plus luggage. Regular (single) is $525. Deluxe (Double) is SOLD OUT. Add a second person in a regular tent for just $75. New this year! You may also add a cot, bedroll and pillow for an additional $150 per person (quantities limited). Please note: Only one cot will fit in the regular tents; two will not fit.


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2019 Travel Partner Registration
One adult or child Travel Partner (non rider) for Cycle Greater Yellowstone 2019. A Travel Partner must be registered with an adult cyclist. Travel Partners will experience a full-service, six-day adventure while your significant other or family member is cycling within Greater Yellowstone.