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Short Stay Milestone Kit
Short Stay Milestone Kit

Hand to Hold’s NICU Milestone Bead Program was created to celebrate each special step in a family’s NICU journey from birth to home. As a baby in your NICU reaches each milestone, you can present a bead to the baby’s family. The collection of beads strung together on a beautiful necklace serves as a reminder to the family about their unique journey and a reflection of their baby's progress towards home. A small card accompanies each bead where the family can record the date of that specific milestone reached. 

The Short Stay Milestone Kit includes a necklace with a stork charm, keepsake card and gift packaging to commemorate baby's birth. This kit also includes milestone beads and keepsake cards for each of the following milestones: First Hold, First Feeding, First Diaper Change, First Bath, Going Home. This package contains materials for 25 kits. NOTE: The beads you receive may vary slightly from the images below.

Stork Beadfirst hold beadfirst feeding beadfirst diaper beadfirst bath beadgoing home bead

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