NICU Milestone Bead Program Product Sample
Milestone Bead Program Sample

Hand to Hold’s NICU Milestone Bead Program was created to celebrate each special step in a family’s NICU journey from birth to home. As a baby in your NICU reaches each milestone, you can present a bead to the baby’s family. The collection of beads strung together on a beautiful necklace serves as a reminder to the family about their unique journey and a reflection of their baby's progress towards home. A small card accompanies each bead where the family can record the date of that specific milestone reached. 

The NICU Milestone Bead Program Sample includes a selection of the materials found in each of our kits. The sample will include a total of ten beads assembled onto a chain and packaged in our standard gift packaging with a sample bead card. The beads included are the Welcome bead, the Love and Loss bead, two Week by Week beads, two Birthstone beads, and four of the following beads from our Short Stay and Long Stay kits:  First Hold, First Feeding, First Diaper Change, First Bath, Sibling Visit, Open Crib, First Clothes, Kangaroo Care, Room Air, or Going Home. No customization is available for this sample. 

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