Sponsor an Elementary School Student for a Year

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Sponsor an Elementary School Student for an Entire Academic Year

Your gift of $600 will help cover the cost of an elementary school child’s expenses for an entire year, including:

    A book bag filled with school supplies
    Two uniforms (standard white shirt with navy pants)
    Pair of shoes
    Underwear and socks







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Questions? Contact us via email at gifts@heartlandalliance.org or by phone at 866-973-4438.


Gifts you give through this catalog help support our entire mission. To help the greatest number of people in poverty and danger, we do not use our limited resources to track gifts to specific projects. We combine your generous gift with gifts from others to provide the best mix of services so the people most in need can find stability and success in their lives. Your gift is 100% tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.


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