Nordic Members support Acres of Love

Nordic Members have acknowledged ‘Acres of Love’ in South Africa as their ’Casa Herbalife’ knowing that all their local HNF donations will go to support this project. The Casa Herbalife Program ’Acres of Love’ has been supported by HNF since 2006.

So far, ’Acres of Love’ has established 27 homes in South Africa where 185 orphaned and abandoned children are taken care of. ’Acres of Love’ is working to meet the complex needs of children in a non-institutional family setting where they can grow up with love and reach their potential. Moving away from institutional model of orphan care, they work to enable and empower children to thrive, not just survive.

The mission of Acres of Love is to rescue and care for children abandoned or orphaned due to AIDS, abuse, and extreme poverty in South Africa. They also advocate for the rights of orphans to obtain world class health-care, education, and nutrition.

Some examples to show how your donations can make a difference:

  • $900 could feed a child for 1 year, meeting all their nutritional and specialist dietary needs
  • $60 could buy bread and milk for one child for a whole year
  • $20 could feed one child for a week including fresh organic fruit, vegetables and milk

Local and national HNF donations from Nordic Members are ear marked to support Acres of Love’s annual grant from HNF, and your funds will be used to help improve the nutrition of these children.  

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If you would like to donate via royalty deduction click here.

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